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Elena Rayo Violin

Holiday Single

elena river.jpeg


Elena Rayo is a lifelong musician, with her roots in Wisconsin and over two decades living in Nevada City, California. She studied classical violin from the age of five, played in countless bands through college,and taught herself to play guitar before putting out 5 studio albums and touring the US for several years. 


After joining forces with fellow musician, and late husband, the legendary Saul Rayo, together Elena & Saul played shows worldwide, put out 5 studio albums, and built a beautifully vibrant recording studio at their home in the Sierra Foothills called Ancient Wave Studios.


An Oxford scholar, Medical Qigong practitioner, and the founder of Ancient Wave Ministries, Elena’s unique background shines through her music and touches everyone she meets in a very special way.

Watch Elena perform "Help Me" from her Joni Mitchell Tribute Show 


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